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1WBD = 0.50 USD. Minimum purchase: 1 BTC, 20 ETH, or 100 LTC

WBD Token

The Future of Blockchain-based Solutions
WBD Token is Going to Fuel the World's Payment Ecosystem

White Paper

What is WBD Token?

World Blockchain Development (WBD) is the preferred blockchain software token for the 1WB solutions platform. A blockchain token is a digital token created on a blockchain as part of a decentralized software protocol. Some blockchain tokens like Bitcoin, function as a digital currency. Others can represent a right to tangible assets or smart contract. Read More

Fuelling Cross Border Payment

WBD Token facilitates a number of future services including online payment and ecommerce. WBD Token operates within a large community, for which it uses WBD Token as an engagement tool and utility token for its community to access the services that the company provides. WBD Token itself can be best described as a digital currency.


WBD Token will benefit individual & enterprises as WBD can be used for payments, financial process & trading.

Cross Border Payment as a Service: Worlds first real time international payment processing platform

Micro Payment as a Service: PoS system that allows users to shop & merchants to accept crypto currency worldwide

What WBD Offers?

WBD token is designed to be a vehicle for payment industry. Using cryptocurrency gives us an advantage over traditional & bureaucratic payment system.

WBD Token has all the prerequisites to be a viable replacement for FIAT money, allowing millions of unbanked individuals to gain access to easier ways of paying, while providing them the same opportunities as banked persons. This is the key feature that will allow WBD Token to be reused continuously, thus forming a transactional eco-system.

WBD Token will offer secure transaction for services and goods to the wallet owners. We foresee that this will solve challenges in many industries like:

E Commerce

We have created a simple API that can be accessed for quick integration.

Imports & Exports

Make payments online 24/7 and we can transfer your money faster than the banks. For most currencies, your payment will usually be made the day we receive your funds.

Banking & Finance

Cut out the extra costs of moving money across borders. We help you eliminate extra fees & unfavorable FX rates.


You can have complete confidence in our platform security. We are trusted by some of the world's largest FIs.