WBD Token FAQs

  • What are the dates for the WBD TGE?
  • What makes WBD tokens different than other cryptocurrencies?

WBD Token is a cryptocurrency being launched by 1WorldBlockchain. It is an innovative, decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain, a functional protocol backed by use cases for processing solutions in more secure and transparent ways. You can also see a more detailed outline of the WBD Token Project through our Whitepaper.

March 31st to April 30th

The vast majority of cryptocurrencies have no use case or functionality. Their price is almost completely based on the speculative demand for it, not on any actual use of the token itself.

Often these cryptocurrencies have no company, no team, no long-term plan, no connections within the industry, no funding, no legal team. Sometimes all they have is a whitepaper, a website, a small marketing budget and a wallet address to send your money.

In contrast, WBD tokens can be used to fuel the 1WB payment ecosystem-they allow our customers to make invoice-based and fully AML/KYC compliant payments. Our platform is fully secure, very fast and more cost-effective than using a bank or other third party transfer platforms. Users can also use WBD tokens for a variety of blockchain based solutions that 1WB has developed.

We are listed on the Qianhai stock exchange (listing # 367650), have a brilliant development team, a long term plan, connections with VCs and banks, an international legal team and a great leader with a vision of where the company is going, all of which separate us from the herd by a significant margin.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and WBD Token are all decentralized ledgers powered by a blockchain. Bitcoin was the first public blockchain and introduced the first decentralized form of electronic currency. Ethereum came after Bitcoin, but included smart-contracts in its platform, which allows a greater range for development in financial technology. WBD Token puts a new twist on participating in the cryptocurrency/blockchain sector by attaching the WBD tokens to 1Worldblockchains own cross border payment as a service and other blockchain-based solutions developed by 1WB.