The WBD token is ready to go live after the TGE ends. The prototype of 1WB X-Border Payment-as-a-Service has been completed. The money raised in the TGE will be allocated for product development, operations, merger and acquisitions, marketing and global expansion purposes listed below.

In October 2017, we successfully launched the prototype of our 1WB X-Border PaaS as a precursor for the WBD TGE launch.

In April 2018, 1WB will commercially roll out the 1WB X-Border PaaS platform.

WBD Token Allocation Plan

WB WBD TGE Token Early-Bird Bonuses

The WBD Tokens will be swapped according to the progressive bonus scale stated above:

*Phase I - Preparation Stage**

The company seeks to raise up to USD 88 million for the execution of its business plan. The use of proceeds are indicated below & are predominately for the global deployment of the 1WB global infrastructure. This amount is sufficient to facilitate the decentralized infrastructure growth envisaged as optimal to maximize value.

The distribution of 100% raised funds generated through this TGE:

  • 10% — Operation Expansion
  • 20% — International Expansion M & A
  • 10% — R & D, User experience, Roadmap
  • 25% — Marketing & Customer Acquisition
  • 15% — Cash Reserves
  • 10% — WBD Buy Back
  • 10% — Employees