World Blockchain Development (WBD) tokens are the preferred blockchain software token for the 1WB solutions platform. A blockchain token is a digital token created on a blockchain as part of a decentralized software protocol. Some blockchain tokens like Bitcoin, function as a digital currency. Others can represent a right to tangible assets or smart contracts. Blockchain tokens can also be used in new protocols & networks to create distributed applications.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Segwit, Smart Contracts and Side Chain inspire WBD. We have integrated the very best of these key technological advantages to allow transactions fees to be much lower and faster for real world applications. Any amount of value, can be transferred anywhere in the world; making it an ideal vehicle for use in cross border payments, micro transactions, and much more. 1WB Platform services are easily accessed with the WBD token and other tokens/coins, enabling businesses to reduce costs when using platform solutions.

By operating with the WBD token, execution is better insulated from development shocks and volatility of other tokens. This helps simplify the development of 1WB X-Border PaaS into a platform that can handle large daily volume.